Monday, 6 September 2010

Taking our Chicks to the Fair

The six Chanty's are going to be entered into the local fair Sept 28 - Oct 3.

After sending three roosters to freezer boot camp, and anther going this weekend, we'll be down to just these six Chanty's.

The three boys will be entered two into the rooster class, and the last into the cockerel class

The three hens will be entered two into the pullet class, and one into the hen class.

As far as we know, we're the only local folks around raising this breed.

We also may enter the two Americauna's, just for the heck of it.  I'm kind of nervous though, cause those two?  Are a pair of love birds.  Have you ever heard a chicken cry?  I have.  When I put the boy into the coop yesterday, and the girl was still in the chicken yard.  She hid under the coop & cried for him!  I don't think they'll allow us to enter the two of them in the same cage.   But I'm afraid to split them up!  They follow one another around the yard, & when I go to close up the coop at night, they're snuggled together up on the roost!!

Anyway, to enter the fair cost $5, +$0.50 per enty.  Entering the 8 chicks is $9.   Prizes are $5 for first, $4 for second, and $3 for third.

Plus, each entrant gets a pair of passes to the fair (reg $15 per adult.  Chuck is $2, and Buddy is free).

So, as long as we are indeed the only ones who enter our breed of bird... we come away with four firsts, two seconds, and passes for Mom & Dad, Buddy is free, and we'll just have to pay for Chuck (plus a few midway rides, of course).

Even with the passes, and assuming we don't win, it still makes sense to enter the birds!

Only thing is... we'll have to figure out how to load them all into our mini-van!!

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