Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Local Fair

Way back, in early August (yes, I'm a bit behind. Ok, maybe a lot), we took the kids to the local fair.

The plan was to check out the animals mostly, to see HOW this whole "entering a chicken in the fair" thing worked.

But you know, when you take a 13 year old to the fair.... There are a few stops you need to make first:
Like, so she can take her brother on the Merry Go Around:

Or on the baby Coaster:
(which he absolutely loved)

And so he could drive a car:
(Both boys had to drive the yellow car. No idea who the other child is)

And, so she & her Dad can face off in the bumper cars:

While her brother looks on:

When the bumper cars ended, there were two older boys lined up behind him.  When the ticket taker motioned them forward, they waited for Buddy to go ahead, and when I said "come on Bud, let's go" to move him out of their way, they said to me "um, I think he might be too little."  I was very impressed by their manners, they didn't try to push ahead of him when they thought he was in line but not moving, and were quite concerned that we would be dissapointed that he couldn't go!!

And then go on the swings, while he stood on the ground and yelled at them "My Turn Now!! My turn!!" (he was WAY to little for this ride):

Then, we got a chance to visit the home crafts, which were few (small fair), and a couple of the cattle shows.

We happened to run into a pony ride, where Chuck wanted to take Buddy:

And then into the petting zoo.... Where he poured his little cup of food on the ground in front of the first animal that came up to him. I guess that way his hands were free to visit the rest of the animals?

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  1. what a wonderful bunch of pics....things are certainly moving right along in the growing up part of life. They both look so must have been a fabulous day!~ kwgma


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