Sunday, 31 October 2010

Makes me happy.....

First stop, major grocery store.  Afternoon on a Saturday.   So it should be packed, right??  It was empty, and I walked right up to the cash.  ok, that was odd.... but good timing.

Second stop, W*lmart.  picked up some medicine for the boy.  Went to the cash, thinking 'this is stupid, one item and I am gonna have to wait for stinkin' ever to get out of here......'  Again, no line.  Walked right up to the cashier.

Third stop, local apple farm.  All the close parking spots were full, so I had to park in the overflow.  Line up a mile long inside.  Got my half bushel, and had to wait to pay.  Then wait for someone to help me take it out to the car.  Of all my stops, that one was the busiest.

That makes me happy.  I like to see people supporting the local guy.  Definitely no impatience needing to wait there!!

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