Saturday, 4 December 2010

The Georgina Cup Party - 2010 Edition

Sometimes it seems like the goal of Sail Georgina is to introduce all of the town to Mount Gay Rum. Or Maybe that is Mount Gay's goal and they use SGA as the vehicle to move their quest forward. Its hard to say. Either way, "Wasn't that a party..."

Everyone involved was more than a little concerned about the way the party would go this year. For starters, every establishment in town seems to have heard about the party the sailors throw at the end of the year, and it is getting difficult to find a venue that is a big enough sucker supporter to take the risk of hosting the event.

This year a local caterer offered to get the food together if we could find a hall. The marina next to ours offered use of their boatshed. We thought we were in luck. Then a large boat was dragged into the shed and the doors locked shut. Days before the event we had to find a venue.

A tent was rented, chairs were scrounged, BBQ's lit, and a backyard party evolved at the caterer's home. And what meal he Catered! Beef tenderloin medallions and Chicken breasts, glazed veggies with fried/grilled/spiced potatoes. A dozen salads and a billion dessert treats. It was a great spread.

A couple posts back I posted about the weather during the race. We had good wind all day. That wind was carrying rain. It was a wet evening. The tents were smallish. We made friends and huddled. There was only one way to keep warm and not notice the water. It came in a bottle.

Everyone was feeling pretty light headed by the end of the night, but it was a good party. Chuck and I got flags for our races (seconds, all) and we won some super amazing door prizes. Chuck got a Ronstan Rain jacket, and I got a gift certificate for the Rigging Shoppe. I still haven't gone shopping with it yet.

Judy, Chuck, and I spent the night on the boat and slept well. The next morning was to be the last race of the season. We needed our rest.

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