Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

In an attempt to save paper this year, Our "Christmas Letter" is online instead of being mailed out!  Here is a  "snapshot" on us in 2010:

We started off 2010 with Prospector throwing a surprise 30th birthday party for Mama.  He was very sneaky.  We thank all of our friends for coming out that day.

Another big event of 2010 was Chuck finally getting her cast off!  She broke her leg on Aug 21, 2009, and was finally castless, caneless, and crutchless on Jan 21, exactly five months later.

The kids enjoyed playing in the snow all winter.  They spent a lot of time tobogganing together outside the back window.  We didn't get enough snow to build a run like the previous year, but so far this year, things are looking good for a sled run!

In March, we starting renovating our main floor.  We completed the tear out, and then... the summer weather came along, and we played outside instead of finishing up!  We've started working on it again though, and the goal now is to be done by New Years.

In April, we added these 10 fuzzy little guys to our family:

They ended up being 7 boys and 3 girls though, so some of the boys were sent to freezer boot camp in the fall.
We also added two of these guys:

And towards the end of January, we'll have this addition:

And recently, one of these:

And six of these:

Chuck was in her school play last winter, in the role of "Cathy" in "High School Musical."  She had a great performance, after several weeks of hard work.  She celebrated her 13th birthday in the spring with a sleepover party.   She also decided that she was done with her long hair, and cut it short! She's now trying to grow it back.....She loves sailing with her Dad in the summer, and goes to all the regattas with him.  She spent last winter in Pathfinders, including completing a winter camping weekend in a tent, something Mama has never done.  She's anxiously looking forward to high school now, and has decided that she's going to audition for the school of the arts.  Wish her luck!

Buddy celebrated his 2nd Birthday in April.  He also started "school" towards the end of August, when Mama got a new job.  He loves going and learning, and is very happy there.  He is very happy to see his school in the mornings, but happy when we come pick him up at night!  He chatters during the drive to and from school every day. He decided after four days at the new school that, being one of the few children still in diapers, he was done, and told me "No more diapers Mommy."  It was a long haul, but he is fairly well trained now.  He likes the chickens a lot, and the cows next door.  Any farm animal he loves.  He likes things done his way though, and has a very strong personality!  He moved to a toddler bed in the winter, and will be moving to a twin bed shortly, so that his crib is free for the new baby.  He loves sailing on the boat with his Dad, and gets upset when daddy goes to the boat without him!

We spent some time in Algonquin this summer, where we visited the logging museum and walked a few hiking trails.  Buddy was a trooper, and walked them all really well, except the last one. Mommy decided that he'd done so well on the 2km trails that we would try a 3.5 km trail.   It was maybe a smidge too long for him.  Mom & Chuck took turns piggy backing him along towards the end.

We entered our chickens in the local fair this year, just for the heck of it.  Our Chanty chickens are rare, and so we were hoping to win from them.  Unfortunately, we entered them all (including the Americauna's) into the wrong category.  We were allowed to let them show, but not be judged.  A few weeks after the fair though... we received a cheque in the mail for $24.  It would seem that, although they were not publicly judged, since we entered the only Americauna's, and there was only one other Chanty, they were 'quietly' judged on the side!

We travelled to Montreal in the fall, to pick up our new puppy, Bernie.  Chuck is learning to take care of Bernie, and Buddy is tolerating her.  He tolerates her best when she is sleeping.  Then, he wants to play!  As far as the puppy is concerned, Buddy is a another puppy like her.  If he leaves us, she tries to heard him back.  That strong personality of his doesn't appreciate being told what to do by a puppy though!

Prospector and Mama both took new jobs this year, and are now working together.  It is a different environment for both of us. 

We've been attempting to eat locally grown food over the past few months, which has been an interesting challenge.  So far, we've purchased a quarter cow (butchered & frozen) from a farmer down the road, we've done lots of canning of fruits; peaches & pears from Niagara (though grocery store bought), Apples from the farmer up the road, Strawberries from another local farmer, we have squash stored from a third local farmer, and our chickens are starting to produce eggs for us.  We were amazed at how different one of our own chickens tasted compared to store bought chicken.  We're trying, as much as possible, to eat Ontario or at least Canadian grown & packaged food.

That's all for us, and we hope to see you all soon!
Prospector, Mama, Chuck, Buddy, Baby, et al

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  1. WOW! I'm tired just from reading about all your activities! You and your family are very active.

    Your new addition better come out running and ready to go!



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