Thursday, 23 July 2009

I am thinking of some projects

Alternatively titled, "The post wherein my husband's head explodes"

So, on the weekend, hubby & I cleaned all the windows inside & out on the main floor, and all the windows outside on the upper floor. When I say ‘we,’ what I mean is he did all the outer stuff, and I ran around inside trying to amuse a baby while scrubbing windows and finding odds & ends that needed to be out away before I could reach said windows. That’s why he got all the outer ones done, and I got sidetracked in the kitchen.


Except for the fact that we cannot scrub the paint enough. The dirt and oil and ‘kitchen mess’ etc. is just stuck on. So, we need to paint, right? RIGHT???

We are *ahem* negotiating over colours at the moment. I want a “terra cotta” like colour… kinda pinky-orange…. You know, like a sunset… the red sky at night, sailor’s delight kind of sunset.

He thinks that Mattel may sue us for copyright infringement. Seems that the colour I’ve chosen reminds him of Barbie Doll Pink. I assure you it is not, I once had a bedroom that colour (That’s how it was painted when we moved in. It took four coats of paint to remove), and this is not Barbie Doll Pink.

So this weekend, if I can get him onboard, I will be painting. Of course, I could send him away for a week, and when he comes home, it will be a different colour. Sortof like how when he went canoeing a few years ago, and when he returned, the computer room that had been builder’s beige when he left was bright blue!

And this is just one project… I’m still trying to wrap my head around how to describe what I want to do out in the yard…..

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