Monday, 13 July 2009

Ladies at the Helm.

I went to a pig roast and a regatta broke out.

I told SWMBO that I wouldn't be racing on Saturday. She wasn't very interested in the Ladies at the helm race that our club was putting this past Saturday, and without SWMBO, I couldn't very well enter Iris in the race. Instead I organized a Pig Roast so that when the ladies got in we could offer them dinner.

Rain was in the forecast. There was a wind warning on the lake.

I got up early with speared pig in hand and headed to the marina. Who wants to go sailing in the wind and rain anyway.

Got the fire going under the pig and looked at the lake. The wind looked good. The rain didn't look like we would get hit hard. I went back to watching the pig turn on the spit. Then a volunteer showed up to do the cooking. Then another.

I went back to Iris to do some chores while other folks cooked for me.

Talk on the dock was that a lady was looking for a helm. The lady turned out to be Judi. Judi has sailed Iris before. I suggested she just take the boat and see how things went. Judi wasn't about to go sailing on my boat without me. Then Tim said he would step in if help was needed on the pig roast.

Judi took the helm, and we were racing.

4 boats entered the race. Ourselves, Newfie Screach, Tecumseh and Moonshadow. Since we were a last minute entry, there were no tactics and no planning, just go sail. Judi is able to handle Iris like its her own boat. and she does a good job with her.

We got to the start line right behind Newfie, and worked to keep him in our sites throughout the race. At the start we were ahead of Tecumseh and Moon Shadow. About halfway to the the first mark we were passed by Tecumseh, but didn't pay it much attention because she has a much higher handicap than we do. For the rest of the race we tried to hold our position against Newfie and Tecumseh, and did a pretty good job.

The wind was just about perfect, strong enough that the boats kept moving, but not over powering, and it felt good to be out on the water. We never got the rain. In just a little over an hour, the race was done, and I apologised to Judi, but we had to get back to the pig right away. I had to be sure the cooking was going well.

We sailed back to our slip, and I ran to check on things. While I was away, Judi packed up the boat, and put everything away! Holy cow, she's hired! in the end we placed 2nd in the race, tied with Tecumseh. Not bad for a last minute entry!

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