Thursday, 9 July 2009

Um, Honey? Your baby is weird

Two nights ago Hubby & Buddy & I went to Swiss Chalet for dinner. High class dinning I know. We asked the waitress if she could bring us a dinner roll for the baby with our drink order, to keep him happy. And because Mama had forgotten the diaper bag at home, which contained the sippy cup, the cookies, etc. Great planning, eh?

So dinner arrived, and my little Buddy kept pointing to the Lemon on my drink, and asking for "more." We gave him a couple of french fries, a bit of chicken, some lettuce


and an orange from our salad.

"more." "more." still pointing at the lemon.

Buddy, you’re not going to like it, trust me. It's even worse than anything green, I guarantee.

Eventually, I gave in and gave him the lemon. And watched him try to devour it whole. Skin & all. I took it back, pulled off the rind, and he inhaled the fruit. Didn't even make a face. He ate Every.Single.Lemon. in all of our drinks & refills. Inhaled them. He gave me back my french fries, but the lemon... don't get between me & my lemon Mama!! You eat these things, they're no good, but make sure I get that lemon!!

I looked at hubby and said that his baby was weird. Next time, instead of asking the waitress for a dinner roll to keep him happy... "Um, excuse me, but could you please bring me a lemon for my baby to eat while we're waiting for our dinner? Thanks a bunch!!" I can't wait to see the looks I get for that one.


  1. My kids all loved lemons! It cracked me up. And because they don't get them at home, they were a novelty at the restaurants.

  2. Well I'm glad it's not just mine then!!

  3. Dude, this one isn't Chris' fault. None of your borthers like to eat lemons either? Laura and Mac used to love to steal them off our drinks and suck, chew, and naw on them. Its our family's thing. Just don't tell Chris I told you so.

  4. Apparently, I loved lemons as a Baby also... who knew?

  5. Sweet Pea loves 'em too.

    BB has a full house of lemon-love apparently.

  6. My babies loved lemons as well -- still do, at the old, old ages of 11 & 13. Go figure!


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