Monday, 27 July 2009

In the Garden some more

'cause even though it dosen't feel like summer, we better get our butts out there and enjoy what we've got, right?

Buddy, helping Mama

The tomaotos are going to be ripe right when we go away.... boo

Mommy's flowers are just for looking at....

Back of the garage


I forget what this is, but it is a perennial that I was expecting to loose over the winter.  It looked gorgeous by the end of last summer, and it looks like this summer will be the same

Back of the garage / house

Trellis for the Peas & Clems

Can you visualize my new garden in here?


  1. What pretty lilies you have! All our flowers are hiding right now because it's too stinking hot!

  2. you have it too hot... while we are at below seasonal temps right now!!

    We're still waiting for summer (here in the great white north).


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