Friday, 17 July 2009

My very own buttons

My little Buddy loves buttons. Radio, remote control, phone, cell phone, GPS, handheld radio on the boat.... all of them.

When we were in the restaurant the other night, he was “talking” on his dinner roll…. Have you ever had to say to your child “please eat your telephone now, it’s dinner time.”

He tried to put Grandma on speaker phone the other day… I guess he just wanted to chat, eh?

I went to bed the other night, and looked at my clock.... why does it say that it's 3:00 in the afternoon???

He's figured out how to turn on & off both Mommy and Daddy's clock radios. They are both different makes, different manufacturers, different colours.... but he know where the on and off buttons are on EACH OF THEM!!

The other day Daddy was shopping and found buttons, just for the Bud:

He was nearly levitating trying to GET THE BUTTONS while Daddy was unwrapping them, and taking off all the zip ties etc.

Now he has his own buttons… and so all other buttons have become off limits. This morning he kept looking at me, and looking at my radio…. “No Buddy, you have your own buttons now. Leave Mommy’s radio alone please!”

And... instead of talking on his dinner roll.... he has a phone to talk on:

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