Monday, 20 July 2009

3 ‘Roud Tuits Pt I

There are things that you know will make life better, but you procrastinate, forget to do, or what have you. This weekend I decided to take 3 of those things off my list. They were all fairly benign, small tasks that really would only take a minute, but would make life easier. The first was Buddy boy’s sleeping arrangements.

When he’s aboard Iris Bud sleeps tucked between SWMBO and I, which is to say he sleeps with his feet in one of our ribs and his head on the other one’s face. Sometimes he kicks. After about an hour of this, SWMBO will take him and put him against the hull since she is paranoid that in his sleep Bud will fall out of the vee berth and onto the floor.

I am usually supportive of this since it means bud is trapped between SWMBO and the hull and can no longer kick/smother me. SWMBO says she doesn’t sleep well while on the boat. I wonder why since I wake up well rested.

In order to help SWMBO sleep better I keep saying we should check to see if Buddy Boy’s playpen will fit on the boat. If it did, then he could sleep in baby-jail while SWMBO and I snuggle in the vee berth. Of course I never think to take the playpen to the boat with me. Last Friday I finally remembered to take it.

The playpen fit in the salon with about 6” for SWMBO and I to shimmy into the vee berth. Perfect! Since it fit, SWMBO agreed to spend the night aboard! BONUS!

Only one thing… we couldn't find a pacifier for buddy, and if he saw us he stood up in the playpen and wailed with his arms stretched out. He didn’t think he should have to go to bed. SWMBO and I sat out in the cockpit for about an hour waiting for him to fall asleep while the wailing continued in the boat. Finally, it stopped and we thought that maybe it was safe to go back in.

Using our best secret agent moves we slipped into the vee berth via the fore-hatch, and were met by Buddy boy standing in the playpen staring at us with big eyes. Busted.

At least he wasn’t crying. Yet.

As SWMBO and I got the blanets laid out in the vee berth, she came across something hard and plastic – BINGO! We had left a pacifier on board last time we had buddy there.

10 minutes later, buddy was asleep, but SWMBO and I stayed up at least an hour longer fighting over who got more blankets and who was hogging the bed. Anyway, the playpen fits onboard, and now we can sleep in peace – as long as SWMBO doesn’t steal the pillow.

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