Wednesday, 22 July 2009

3 'Round Tuits Pt III

With the Playpen tested and the COB pole in place it was time for the final tiny task.

Imagine yourself on a sun-drenched beach, girly drink in hand, warm breezes blowing through your hair. You are likely lying down. You probably don't want to have to swim to lie down, and probably fibreglass isn't a good thing to lie on. If you are lying in the sand, you will have to wash off, and that's like work, and no one wants to have to do that.

You need a hammock.

If I could rig a hammock on Iris, it would save me the hassle of swimming to a beach and stringing it between 2 trees. It would also mean that I was closer to the drinks that are aboard.

I took our backyard hammock off its frame and looked around the boat for likely places to hang it. The immediate place that came to mind was from the mast padeye where we would attach the whisker pole when sailing, forward to the forestay at the bow.

By attaching the jib halyard at the bow, I was able to hold the hammock in place on the forestay, and adjust its height. The mast padeye held the other end of the hammock nicely, and when I lay down in it, the whole thing was tensioned just right. All I needed was a margarita.

On Sunday afternoon, I rigged the hammock and SWMBO gave it a try. I may never get to lie in it again. Now I need to locate a second hammock and attachment point. Maybe from the boom? Maybe if I go from the forestay to the shrouds I could put 2 hammocks up beside each other. Hmmmm. More testing required.

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