Thursday, 9 July 2009

Weekend Update (Not from SNL)

I have been remiss in not updating here in a whole week. This is a brief update:

Friday July 3rd: An amazing sail from SGA to Lagoon City. Made this trip an hour faster than expected without ever bothering to raise the jib. Winds were strong out of the southwest and pushed Iris across the lake at 5.5 knots all the way. SWMBO met me at LCYC where we spent the night along with Tabasco and her crew. Felt a tickle in the back of my throat and tried treating it with the best medicine available. Appleton’s Extra Old Stock.

Saturday July 4th: Said buh-bye to SWMBO and Buddy as they headed home, then sailed to an anchorage. White caps were all around on the lake and the winds were a steady 25 knots. Under main and 60% storm jib did hull speed and above all the way from LCYC to Snake Island where we planned to anchor out. We were met on the way by Dolce Vita who came to anchor with us. We rafted the boats together and set about relaxing. The anchorage was a bad choice as we were buzzed by jet skis, fishing boats, water-skiers, tubers, tour boats, cottagers, Carver-miniums and every other watercraft imaginable. Eventually the wake from a passing boat busted one of the lines I was tied to Tabasco with. The tickle in my throat progressed to a scratch, which I treated with more of the same medicine (Appleton's). We broke up the raft and headed to JP, an hour’s sail away where we tied the boats into their slips. Had dinner and went home. Felt a little gunky.

Sunday July 5th: Woke up with definite cough. Being manly I tried to ignore it. Went to boat and installed fish finder. Felt awful. Went home and to bed. Treated cough with unmanly real medicines from the drugstore.

Monday July 6th: Deathly ill. Never left my bed. SWMBO offered TLC. She must love me after all.

Tuesday July 7th: Repeat of Monday’s performance, but not quite as deathly ill.

Wednesday July 8th: Returned to work. OMG email is overfilled, work is backlogged. I may never catch up.

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