Friday, 31 July 2009

9 Days and Too Much to Do...

We are on the home stretch before our big trip to Georgian Bay.

If you had asked me 2 months ago how things would look by now, I would have smugly replied that there would be a line-up of packed Rubbermaid bins in the front hall, each labelled with their contents, the boat would be tuned and ready to go, our charts would be marked and the transits into each anchorage plotted and ready for transfer to the GPS.

All the marinas would have reservations, our lights and new gear tested and in place, and our food packaged by day, with a shopping list for each port of call. Everything would be installed, in place, and lined up ready for packing into the boat. Instead, we are still trying to work out the basic kinks in preparation for the trip.

The packing list is coming along nicely. Its a month late, but as I type this, SWMBO is wrapping it up.

  • We haven't bought our new gear yet, let alone tested it.

  • Nothing is packed.

  • I still have to install the tether point for buddy, get the new chain hooked up properly, and change the bulb in our steaming light.

  • I haven't built an A-frame.

  • I've marked the charts for where the anchorages we want to use are, but I haven't got a clue about how to get into them. I haven't found secondary or tertiary locations in case the wind is coming from the wrong way.

I did call the marinas to make sure we would be able to get in and get spots. They tell me I'm over-planning this, just show up - there will be room. I have a hard time with that since I don't like surprises. "Surprise! Your batteries are dead and you can't plug in!" That would really suck. Tonight I have to get a haircut, cut the lawn, and then I can look at starting to pull the stuff together that's on the packing list and refine my shopping list. I'm also hoping to get down to the marina to get a tracing of our hatchboards so I can make a screen insert.

It should be a busy weekend.

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