Friday, 24 July 2009


Chuckie comes home tonight, and we can't wait.

Especially Buddy. The poor little guy can't understand where his sister is. Every time he sees a girl, he looks, and you can just see him thinking "is that one mine??"

We went to a playground the other day, and he kept hugging all the girls (flirt!), but I'm pretty sure he was trying to find his sister.

Whenever we walk past the family picture on the wall, we'll stop, and say "Where's Chuck? Where's your sister?" And he grins and points right at her.

Of course, she's coming home, packing, and then heading to Guide camp almost right away. But she'll be back next Saturday for the rest of the summer, and then my little guy will be happy, 'cause he'll have his big sis back!


  1. Too bad she wasn't at camp this week, Cara was and it would have been fun for them!

  2. She's actually going to a different GG camp this time around, so they wouldn't have crossed paths anyway!


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