Friday, 17 July 2009

Packing & Shopping List


When I was a kid, we took a trip via mobilehome from Kitchener to PEI with a variety of stops along the way. I still remember my Mom bringing boxes and boxes of assorted sundries out to the camper and stashing them away in every hidey hole and cubby she could find. Eventually the motor home was packed and we trundled down the road - only to realize we had forgotten something, and would have to pick it up at the next town. Then we'd have to cram whatever it was into some other spot in the caravan and continue on our way.

When we take Iris to G-Bay, it will be just like that, only there will be more stuff to bring, less places to buy forgotten stuff, and greater implications if we miss some crucial piece of equipment. Oh, and it will be a 20 minute drive from the marina to the house for whatever we forget - if we catch it before we cast off our lines and head for the unknown.

To avoid unwanted surprises I've started a packing list. I just realized I entirely forgot a tool kit... Stuff we still have to buy is highlited red.

First Aid and Emergency Supplies
First Aid Kit - Cockpit First Aid Kit – SalonBenadrylSunblockAfterburn Cream
Aspirin/TylenolChapstickZinc cream (nose)
Safety Gear
Handheld VHF and chargersHandheld VHF battery adaptorSearch Lights and chargerHeadlampHandheld GPS and cable
Extra fuel tanksChartsDividersPorts Guide to Georgian BayBatteries (AA, AAA)
Radar ReflectorCell PhoneCell phone chargersBinocularsFibreglass repair kit
Bungs for through-hullsUnderwater epoxySewing Kit
Rigging & Boat Supplies
Dock Ropes, spare cordageShore Power110V extension cord and adaptorMast A-Frame and mast suppliesDinghy (outboard, fuel tank, pump, repair kit, oars)
Screen Hatchboard insertsBoom tent/tarpKellet, line, and swivel snapsSpare Parts (Anchor Chain, Shackles)LED click-it lights (cabin)
BungeesBucket (2 if there is room)Burgee
Cooking & Galley
Butane StoveButane fuel CellsPrimus StoveNaptha Gas Water filter
Collapsible Water jug Corn skewersNon-stick pots and pansCoffee PressCoffee
Coffee mugsKabob sticksMetal spatulaPlastic spatulaPlastic spoon
TongsSilverwareDrawer-liner place matsPlates, saucers, cupsMeasuring cups
Folding colanderPan/BBQ sprayCheese slicerHot padsDishtowels
NapkinsPaper towelsBio-friendly dish soapDish spongeWine glasses
Salt and PepperKetchup, Mayo and mustard Knifes – cutting and breadChip Clips Garbage Bags
Mini spice rackLightersMedium zip lock bags (with a few big ones stuffed in)Nalgene Bottles (6)
Creature Comforts
Roll of quarters for showersMP3 Player and chargerBath towelsToilet paperHeater
Solar ShowerSleeping bags and pillowsLaptopCameras (Disposable, old digital, new digital)Small umbrellas
Mosquito netting (forward and companion-way hatches)Mosquito spray (Muskol) and Avon Skin so SoftCitronella lamp oilMosquito coilsPlay pen (check fit)
Swim toys (noodles, goggles, polypropylene line and Type IV CushionsHammock (mast to forestay – check fit)JournalDeck of cardsMini board games
Waterless hand cleanerSoapShampooToothpaste/toothbrushDiapers and wipes
LaptopHair care (for the girls)2 favourite CD’s (each)2 Favorite movies (each)
Beanie and gloves and warm socksRain gear (coat, pants, hat, boots)Boat shoesClothes pinsSunglasses
Sunhats (Tilley)Chuck RubbermadeMom RubbermadeDad RubbermadeBuddy Boy Rubbermade
Rubber gloves/work gloves for anchor chain etc.
Backpack or fanny packsStroller (umbrella)Baby BackpackWalking Sticks
Minnow TrapFillet knifeFishing polesTackle boxFishing license
Landing Net

Looks like maybe SWMBO and I should plan a shopping trip...

Whatever you spot that I may have forgotten - post a comment to remind me. Its a long walk home for a cheese grater.


  1. Thanks for mentioning Benadryl, I'll need that for our trip. Don't forget Gravol ;-)

    Also you didn't mention camera cables for dumping photos to the laptop.

    Funny, I read that as "wireless hand cleaner" - too much technology

    Have a great time!

  2. A way to bring milk for Buddy, either formula or UHT or tetra packs or something

  3. First Aid - suppository or liquid laxative for buddy, as with a diet change, he could become VERY constipated and that would ruin a vacation
    I think that's all I thought of for now.

  4. I guess food (menus) and water go on the list without saying. Also a checklist for last minute items for the trailer - condition of wheel bearings, lights, spare, jack, tools, extra hubs w/ bearings installed, etc.

  5. No trailering on this trip - but thanks for the reminder for when we do trailer!


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