Saturday, 12 March 2011

On Incubating - Part Two

So on Wednesday, when we had three chicks out, we realized that, um, we had no brooder.  Or chick feed.  Or, well, anything set up for these guys.  Because, well, we didn't actually expect a hatch.

So I zipped down tot he feed store, & bought chick starter & a chick waterer.  We had a chick feeder in the basement.

Then, Thursday morning, tried to figure out a brooder.  Ended up using a rubbermaid container, with a board laying across the top, and screwing a light bulb socket onto the board.  The socket is from my candler.  I need a new candler now (Well, the candler is fine... I just have to move the light bulb to the candler to use it, I can only use it as either a heat lamp or a candler now).

I also had the throw everything off the desk to make room.  Now I need to find new homes for everything.  At least I am de-cluttering though right?

And today, Prospector picked up the new dozen hatching eggs from the breeder.  I also have six more to add to the batch again.

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