Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Mighty Mighty Chicken Ranch

I think we need to change our name.....

1 Bantam RIR roo
1 SPW Roo
1 Araucana Roo
1 Araucana Hen
1 Americauna Hen (Dolly)(I swear I didn't mean to name her... it happened by accident!!)
1 RIR Hen
1 Black sex-link Hen
6 juvenile Araucana's

1 SPW Roo
2 SPW Hens
3 Chanty Hens
1 ISA Brown Hen

2 SPW Hens
3 SPW Chicks (three weeks)

3 day-old SPW chicks
10 day old Cuckoo Maran chicks
1 Cuckoo Maran still trying to hatch

Another 15 eggs to go in the 'bator once it's been cleaned

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