Friday, 29 April 2011

The Three Houdini's

So we have these three chicks, they are seven weeks old.

And we needed our brooder, so they got to move outside to the Taj-Ma-Chicken this week.

Now the chickens in the Taj have been free ranging a lot during the day lately, but when we added these three, we started leaving the door closed.  Because we didn't want them getting out, thinking that we would never catch them again.

Well, these little buggers quickly found ways to escape.  No sooner would we nail shut one escape route, they would find another.

It got to the point where I would stop going and rounding them up, and just let them free range all day.  They never went far.  I found it ironic that the three little buggers were out free ranging, when the rest of the chickens were locked in the pen, so that these three wouldn't escape!!

I think that we have finally closed up the last of their escapes.  Now though, when they see me coming to the pen, they line up to execute their plan.... "you go left, I'll go right..... she'll never be able to catch us both!!  Then, while she's trying to catch you, I'll get out... and when she opens the door again to put us back in, it's your turn to run between her legs!!"

These guys are smart little buggers.  Th three Houdini's..... every now & then I look out the window and "damn.... the Houdini's are out again!!"

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