Saturday, 30 March 2013

Another new tool...

So I saw a kijiji ad for a table saw and some tooling. After struggling with a contractors saw for the past few years, I decided it was time for an upgrade. The old saw will now be relegated to rough work and mobile setups.

The old saw's stand will become the base for my compound mître saw.

The old saw:

Apart from being well-used for a bunch of crazy stuff (I trimmed out the whole last house with it) this saw has a few definate issues. first, you can see the sag in the table right under my measuring tape - that is because the table extensions are held on by plastic clamps. All it took was one heavy piece of lumber hitting that wing when extended, and the clamp broke. Sears tells me I could get a new clamp, but I can't identify the part number.

The second issue is that the throat plate is not co-planer with the table. Here the throat plate is sitting on top of the saw - its the red rectangle with the steel rule going across it. When I tried to rip that big block of cherry in the pic down to 1/4" slabs I ended up with pieces that were 1/4" at teh base, and anything between 3/8" and 1/8" at the top. Frustrating.

Anyway, the saw will now hang on the garage wall for mobile and rough operations, and the new saw will be installed as our precision piece.

The new saw:

Pic 1 - accessories.

Ok, the kid wasn't included, but what you see in this pic is a dado blade, 2 sets of rails, a featherboard, a 45° cutting sled, a spare set of white plastic rails to make another sled, and a roller thinggy for guiding boards through saw while ripping. I have no idea how to use it.

Pic 2 - saw and more accessories.

In this pic is the rest of the stuff. A pile of throat plates, about 20 blades - some multipurpose, sone laminate, some I dunno. 2 mitre gauges, another sled for some unknown purpose, a fence, and a taper cutting Jig. On the ground is an outfeed table with a bunch of roller thinggies.

Not shown in the pics is the table extensions and a third set of rails that the fence here fits into. I need to get this all assembled so I can start to play.

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