Thursday, 4 April 2013

Because the Cat Came Back....

A few weeks ago the boys & I had the opportunity to go on a big adventure… to see Fred Penner's latest show, "The Cat Came back!"

We started off by going on a 'Percy Train' ride with some cousins.

Then walked down to the theatre, where they were holding pre-show 'cat activities' in the lobby.

This theater caters to children's shows… they had an abundance of booster seats for small bums.

And following in the show, got the opportunity to meet the cat:

Mr. Johnson (as in "old Mr. Johnson had troubles of his own, he had a yellow cat, who wouldn't leave his home....):

And of course, Fred Penner:

Who signed the new CD I bought for the boys (they have already memorized every song).

And got back on another 'Percy Train' for our ride home!

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