Thursday, 3 April 2014

Master bedroom Paint Completion

A few posts ago I talked about priming and painting the master bedroom.  Well sometime between getting home from Algonquin Park and heading out to the sugar bush we managed to get all the paint up. There are still some touch-ups here and there where a roller touched the ceiling or where a second (third) coat is needed on the cutting in, but overall the effect of the paint is there now.

We ended up deciding to paint the walls with Benjamin Moore's Yarmouth Blue (HC-150 in Sherwin Williams Superpaint - we had a free can). For the ceiling we used Feather Down (OC-6) in Benjamin Moore's ultraflat ceiling paint. Finding a colour for the accent wall was difficult and forced us outside our usual scheme and into darker, stronger colours.

At the local Benjamin Moore Paint store, we got out chips of our colours and took in our new-to-us tapestry. The designer worked up a scheme for us. To our surprise she went straight to the chocolate browns. We decided to go with "Willow" which we feared would be overpowering, but so far is quite pleasant. To be honest, I think its too dark for the tapestry, but we have a backup plan if we aren't happy with the end effect.

Here is the new look:

Lights on...

Lights off.
With the paint done we can move on to next steps. Tonight we have a local contractor coming out to quote us on new flooring, and then we will be looking into replacing the trim in the room. The trim will be painted in "Feather Down" to match the ceiling, but in a higher gloss. For reference, here is the old colour, but on a different wall. So far our work looks much better.

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