Sunday, 19 October 2014

Playing at Pingle's Farm Market

Every town and city has that local attractions that folks just can't wait to go and enjoy. Around here one of those is Pingle's Farm Market. The Pingle family has created a fantastic family getaway that explodes with visitors every fall just in time for the pumpkin and apple harvest, and is open as a roadside stop year round (they seem to have pick-your-own everything there all summer too). We decided to go for a visit yesterday.

The pictures below are pretty self explanatory... until you get to the very end.

They think their tractor's sexy!

Chicken feed!

The sheep weren't hungry for straw.

Baaaaa Billy Goat!

Baby Goat - cuteness 

The Jack and Jill slide!

Sliding skills +10

Pedal Tractor Riding

Jack-o-Lantern full of balloons and kids!

Inside the Jack-o-lantern


Haybale Jumping!

Haybale Running!

Why is everyone sitting there? At 2:00 a crowd gathered at the end of the farmyard. Out in teh field there was cannon with 'Punkin chunkin' painted on the side of it. Suddenly the funding problems of the Canadian Armed Forces became clear...

The Farmer came out and got everyone to help do a countdown...

And then he pulled the handle and BOOM!! Flying Pumpkins!

The Pumpkins went really far. Right over his target.

After a few shots with pumpkins, he stuffed the cannon full of corn. We thought for sure it would make popcorn. He put in one pumpkin for good measure.

I wonder if we can make a pumpkin cannon for our back yard, but Mom says that would be a bad idea. We could shoot hot chocolate to the kids sledding on the hill then though.

When we were done at the farm, we went to the lumber store to get one more board for our pool fence. The boys were great helpers and carried it all the way to the front of the store.

But all that fun at Pingles had tired them (and the parents) out. We didn't get any fence building done when we got home. 


  1. Pumpkin cannon--awesome! I know there are places near here with apple cannons, but I haven't heard of any with (much more dramatic, I imagine) pumpkin cannons. I might have to check around now, though.....

  2. Always nice to experience the opposite seasons.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Cat - it was a fun day!!


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