Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Tempting the Universe....

A few days ago, I received an online newsletter that I subscribe to.

This month is started off:

Your toddler, Month 21:

At this point, your toddler should be leaving the temper tantrum stage…

I thought “that’s weird, he hasn’t really had any temper tantrums….”

And the universe heard that thought, and laughed. Loudly.

And since that moment, that moment when I had that thought??? Oh.My.Goodness. The tantrums. The screaming. The WHINING and the Wingeing.

Last night, as he was whining at me I said to him “If you’re gonna cry, at least do a good job of it.”

Twice now, as I’ve been getting him ready for bed, he’s thrown a fit. Twice now, I have left him screaming in his bedroom until he settles down (he can’t quite figure out how to deal with that. “She left? She’s gone? Why am I crying then, since no one is listening?”) And then he calms down, and gets his jammies on.

Last night when I left him screaming in his room, I turned his light off as I left and went downstairs. Which confused him further for a minute or two.

Then he realized, that with no audience, and no light even, not only was there no point in screaming, there was also no point in staying there. So he picked up his bear and blanket, popped his sucky in his mouth, and headed out into the hallway. “Ok, I’ll just camp out here for the night!”

And then was perfectly happy to get his jammies on, give everyone a hug & kiss and go to bed.

And that newsletter?? I think I'm cancelling my subscription.


  1. That is so funny. My 22 month old has been throwing some little tantrums, which drive me crazy sometimes and make me laugh at others.

  2. Coming out of the tantrums at 21 months?!? Are they on CRACK?


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