Friday, 5 February 2010

Master Bedroom Renovations

Photo story Friday:

Last week, we began work on the Master Bedroom. I fussed and fretted over what colours to do, then finally made a snap decision, bought paint, and painted, all in one night.

Here's the room with primer on one wall, and the old dirty beige colour on the other.

After painting.
I decided to go with a yellow / blue split all the way around. The colours match our quilt nicely, but we will need new curtains... the old ones are too close to the wall colour. We're thinking either a dark navy blue (a colour in the quilt), or a dark maroon red (another colour in the quilt)

My little helper.

I had to do all my painting either during his naptime, or when Daddy could play with him. There was NO WAY he was going to play nicely downstairs while his Mommy was busy upstairs! He wanted to help out!

Furniture re-installed

More furniture, and the little guy again

We still have left:
  1. Choosing &; buying new curtains
  2. Installing chair rail along the divide between the blue & yellow. We're going to install Pine chair rail, which will need to be stained first. I don't really want to stain it in the house, 'cause it'll stink, and I don't really want to do it out in the garage at this time of year. So it's going to have to wait until spring.
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  1. Looks nice. Now you have a sense of accomplishment... well that's how I feel when I repaint and re-arange.

  2. yep, definitly a sense of accomplishment!

  3. It's really coming together wonderfully...spring will be here in no time at all and the rail will be the crowning touch! Too bad those ground hogs weren't a little more co-operative! kwgma

  4. Yay to getting a project finished!! The colors are very cheery and brighten up the room well.

  5. That's how I paint. I grab a color and just GO! Keep sheets or blankets that match your bedding in mind for the curtains. They are cheap and easy to make into curtains, if you can't find exactly what you want!

    So glad you said you were putting up a chair rail. I was a little concerned that you were going to leave it like that! :)

  6. I love the dual colors. It's a look that just makes me happy. LOVE your color choices!!!


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