Sunday, 9 January 2011

An update on eggs...

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When we walked through the door the other night, Chuck says "Guess what!!  We got SEVEN eggs today!!"

Oh My.

If that keeps up, we will have 49 a week.  We normally eat 18.

We have 11 hens, so when they all start laying, that will be 11 eggs daily, 77 weekly... right now, we are getting too many to eat them all, but not quite enough to hang our shingle out & start selling.


HOWEVER, we have a neighbour who comes & plows the driveway (200 feet) after every snowfall.  Normally, we pay him here & there, but there's really no formal arrangement... sometimes, $20, sometimes, a bottle of rum...... His wife is very excited about the chickens, and told us to let her know as soon as we started getting enough eggs.

So we took a dozen down to them the other night.  Will trade eggs for snowplowing.  Sounds like a deal to me.

Last night, Chuck said that one had broken in her pocket on the way from the coops to the house.  Maybe not the best way to carry them?  And Buddy dropped one on the floor, taking it from Chuck at the door to the fridge the other day.  But now, he knows why we keep telling him to be careful with them!

Also, I have found eggs on the bathroom counter, ("Does anyone know why there are eggs on the bathroom counter?"  "They were in my pocket!" "How long have they been here?"  "Only a few minutes!!"), and I think Chuck said she accidentally took one to school the other day.  We have a basket...we just don't have it out yet, 'cause, at first it was only an egg or two.  Now... there are more.  I think we should find the basket & start sending it out to the coops for collecting!!

The plus side of having one of the hens living in the basement.... you know exactly when she lays her daily egg.  The down side?  You know exactly when she lays her egg.  The other night Chuck had a friend sleep over, and the hen laid her egg at 6:30 in the morning.  Her friend woke her up...."Chuck!!  Is this normal!!"

The basement hen was laying in the evening, then she took a day off, and started in the morning.. now she lays a little later each day, and will probably continue to do so until they are in the evening again, she'll take a day off, and start over.

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