Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Coming back together....

Written by Prospector on Jan 2, 2011

Part One
Part Two

So things are finally clicking in the way they were supposed to in the first place.

Right now we are harvesting about 6 eggs daily, with only some of the girls on-line. Production should pick up as the days get longer. Right now we are getting:

1-2 eggs per day from the 4 Wyandot hens
1 egg/day from the 3 Chanty hens
1 egg/day from the 1 ISA Brown
1 egg/day from the 1 Rhode Island Red
2/3 egg/day from the 1 Black Sex link
1 egg/day from the 1 Americauna

Over the Christmas break this has been just right for eating, but we enjoy bacon and eggs and french toast, and have time to cook when we aren;t working. Once we go back to work it will be a little different I am sure. We were buying 18 eggs/week before the girls started laying.

We have been looking for a reasonably priced incubator for a while now, but it seems more and more unlikely that we will find one as time goes on. I am considering converting a household Yogurt maker into a 'bator, but have to figure out some technicalities o it before I immerse myself in the project.

If we can hatch out some chicks, things will really be going well.

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