Thursday, 6 January 2011

An update on Incubating

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Part Three

We decided not to worry about incubating the Americauna's eggs after a few days, for a few reasons.

We had originally purchased four Americauna chicks.  Of the four, one died in the first week, one had a cross bill, and died in the first month, and the other two grew to maturity.

The decision to incubate was more an emotional one than anything.  We were sick at the thought of how we lost that rooster.  And, the Americauna's really stuck together... the fact that we had left the female to be alone bothered us too.

After  a few days, a 50% survival rate did not seem particularly good to us. We also are not sure that we have true Americauna's, or 'mutt' Americauna's, which are commonly referred to as "Easter Eggers."  The eggs that they lay are greenish, but more 'olive' than green.  True Americauna's will lay blue, green, or pink eggs.

Also, it's really the wrong time of year for raising chicks.  There is a reason why, in nature, the chicks are born in the spring.

So we have not invested in an incubator yet, but are looking.  The type of incubator that Prospector would like to buy is a Brinsea.  Brinsea incubator's are approved south of the border, but not up here.  Which means that we need to watch craigslist / kijiji etc. for one.  Also, Prospector likes to build stuff.  So far, he's pulled apart a toaster, an old computer fan, and is looking longingly at my new yogurt maker, to see if he can turn the parts into an incubator.  Also, the old fish tank in the basement, including the heater for it, and Chuck's old easy bake oven.  None of the electronics in the house are safe right now.

We had ordered an incubator, for $80, but then discovered that that model was discontinued.  The sales rep phoned to advise of this, and said the next similar one was the "Picture Window Hova-bator Incubator."  Try saying that three times fast.  Try writting that down after only hearing it once.  Or, you can feel like a jerk & ask the poor sales rep to repeat herself five times, trying to figure out what the heck she's talking about!

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