Tuesday, 14 May 2013


We have some pretty patient neighbours. Our truck is really loud, and our dog barks a lot, and our boat was parked in the driveway for months on end, but yesterday we stretched the limits of their patience I'm sure.

Yesterday the first of our supplies for the backyard makeover arrived.

What arrived was 4 skids of interlocking stone on a 40 foot flatbed trailer. For the records, that's about 240 retaining wall stones and another 70 "barnboard" paving stones from Armtec/Brooklin Brick. This first shipment will be used to get the layout right and to prepare for the rest of the brick to be used in the yard. Likely we will be getting a second shipment, equal in size soon.


For those who need to know, Barnboard pavers...  and Designwall Lite retaining wall stone.

In any case, it took us about 2 hours to hand-bomb all those bricks from the truck to the backyard. SWMBO offloaded the bricks from the skids and the driver and I loaded them onto a handcart and the kids' wagon to pull them to the back yard where we restacked them.

I think my arms are about 2" longer than they were before we started. On Thursday, another truck will be arriving with a load of A-Gravel for the foundation for this little project. Once it gets going, I'll fill in more details. I bought a new shovel. It will be an old shovel by the end of this.

I hope the neighbours don't mind a pile of gravel in the driveway for a while.

As if that weren't enough, on the weekend we visited Paddy's Market and got a new freezer for the basement. We also got a new beer fridge since the old one was fermenting our orange juice faster than we could mix screwdrivers. Nothing like a little extra zip in your sip. Maybe now we can get back to ordering our meats from local farmers instead of Costco. Homegrown beef is so tasty!

Its being a busy, and a spendy spring around the house.

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