Thursday, 30 May 2013

Video Post #2 - Setting Base Course Blocks

After our video debut, I figured we should put up another great movie. Here it is - how we set the base course blocks in our great wall.

Its 4 minutes of WOW! Ok, its a little technical and talks about compacting gravel a lot, but its an important part of wall building.

This particular block went in pretty easily. I didn't even need to use the sand I mention early on in the video. The sand works great for levelling an ornery block that won't sit straight. Before getting to this step we had set up a base of about 4" of compacted gravel. The shovelful of material I toss in in the video is just to level things off and bring the foundation up to grade for the adjacent block.

Enough talk here's the movie:

For our next one, I'll aim for cats doing silly things - people seem to like those movies a lot!

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