Monday, 9 September 2013

Taking shape...

OK, so its not much, but here's what got done today. I'm guessing that by now you're getting pretty close to guessing the project, but I'll act as if you're still guessing anyways.

So I lay awake last night trying to figure out how to cut a radius on the end of my board without a band saw or belt sander. This would be tricky stuff.

 After some head scratching I remembered that the saw came with this weird sanding blade. Actually, that piece of genius struck at about 1:30 this afternoon while I was out on a site visit. After work, I rushed home to give it a try, but Buddy wanted the training wheels off his bike. Then he wanted to learn to ride it, then it was dinner, then I baked tomorrow's dinner (Boston baked beans - they smell wonderful) and then I finally got to the garage and dug out the blade...

 It is a strange blade. Really. One side is coarse grit and the other is fine. Its rougher than sandpaper, almost like little pebbles are glued to the sides of it or something. It burns if you don't keep the wood moving, but it really removes material well.

 After about 10 minutes, my board had gone from square to this:

With a nice radius on the board, I figured I would start working on legs. Just one problem. I'm short 2" of wood. I have loads of teak from boat projects, but teak looks weird next to the maple and cherry. Its looking like a return trip to the lumber yard unless I can find a board stretcher or come up with another genius idea. grrr.

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