Sunday, 13 October 2013

Back to the Mystery Project...

First off, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Also, happy Columbus Day to all my American Friends!

With the saw behaving nicely its back to work on the current project. I needed to make some small parts with mortices and tenons to fit the rest of this frame. Step one... round holes become square

With mortices cut into the piece, I used the crosscut sled to put tenons on the end of  pieces, and then set them aside.

I made 2 of these. As I went, my chiselling skills got better and better. I still tore the wood a little, but overall it went well. 2 parts done, 4 to go.

With those guys done, I put tenons on a pair of uprights, and fit everything together.

Looking good so far... Now its time for the outer frame. The layout on these had to be pretty accurate. I used the frame to locate the mortices, and then drilled and chiselled away.

The chiselling on these went well, but this wood is soft maple, and it works very differently than the hard cherry I used for the rest of the frame. The wood fibers tore and the holes came out a little oversized. I may remake these parts. In any case, here is what the complete frame looks like assembled and ready for glue.

Almost done... just a few more steps.

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