Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A tale of two lists.

Back in our 14 for 2014 post I made a list of "to-finish" items. Its a great thing to have, and working through it has brought me great relief. A lot of the items on that list were actually little nagging things that could be completed fairly quickly, but there were also some items that are going to have to wait for summer.

From that list we have gotten new towel bars, a marshmallow crossbow and  new kitchen knobs already. Thats pretty fantastic for me. my schedule would have been filled with TV and Cheetos if it weren't for that list.

Goal 3 on my list was "build stuff" and I didn't put a list there because, well, I don't know what I want to build, but I think I really should have made up a list for that as well. There are a few projects that have jumped up since SWMBO and I have been talking about the 14 for 2014, and I thought maybe this post could become a second running update of stuff to build. Here goes...

  1. Bathroom Mirror and cupholder - I know this is on the 'finish stuff' list, but it really shouldn't be since it isn't even started.
  2. Bathroom storage crates - SWMBO has wanted some simple Milk-crate looking storage shelves in the bathroom for a while. I should probably get busy making them.
  3. Basement storage shelves and screw holder thinggy - since we tore out the wall due to water seepage, the opportunity has come up to build a couple shelf units to store our paint and my fasteners a little better down there.
  4. Toy room storage unit - while we were talking about he shelves in the utility room, SWMBO pointed out to me that big toys like firetrucks and Octopods need homes in the toy room (today they are lined up on the wall).
  5. Master bedroom reading wall. I mentioned this briefly to SWMBO about a year ago, but never made any progress. I'd like to find a way to integrate the headboard into it. 
  6. Garage workbench - another item that I printed off plans for a while ago, but never got close to building.
  7. Wooden toys for the boys. My grandfather gave me some wooden toys when I was small, and I loved them, it would be nice to pass this forward to my kids. Maybe a train or some cars. I dunno. Definately not another crossbow. Its fun, but I have welts, and the dog is getting fat.
I'm sure SWMBO will add to the list. She has a way of seeing opportunities that I miss, and a lot of her project ideas are much more artsy than my functional ones.  If I were to complete a project a month (I won't) I would have enough there already to keep me going until July - thats not bad for 5 minutes of brainstorming, is it!?!

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