Friday, 21 March 2014

Colour Choices and going 'Unplugged'

The last few days have been crazy busy around the FrostHaus, but its been the sort of business that you have nothing to show for. I mean, food is still reaching the table, and the laundry is (mostly) caught up, but between swimming lessons and trampoline gymnastics (something Buddy has just taken a liking to) and work creeping into home time, there just isn't much time left for projects at the end of the day. Sure painting the bedroom has eaten up some time too, but there is so much other stuff going on that taking a pause to breathe is deeply needed.

Which is why this will be an 'unplugged weekend' and I think we're all looking forward to it.

In my next post I'll update our unplugged exploits and share some stories, but for now, I am looking forward to a weekend away from busy-ness - or at least the normal day-to-day busy-ness. I'm planning on feeding birds. Thats it. Nothing else. Maybe go skating.

In other news, the debate over colour for our bedroom has been resolved. You may have seen this photo in my last post:

You may have had an opinion on colour too. Gretchen, my faithful commenter (I need to send her a prize) submitted the only vote in response to my last post. She voted for the darker blue without even knowing it was her paint of choice, and I originally agreed with her, but after seeing the swatches on the wall for the past few days, well, sorry Gretchen (I need to send you a prize for all those comments though).

The colours are "Nantucket Fog", (Dark Blue), "Down Duvet" (Off white ceiling paint), and Yarmouth Blue (Light Blue) all by Benjamin Moore. I got the tester of Nantucket Fog because Gretchen, my faithful commenter (I need to send her a prize) has raved about it so much on her blog. I really like the colour, but since our bedroom has a western exposure (low light) and an awning on the window (lower light) and a huge tree out the window (even lower light) the darker blue would just make the room too gloomy. (I think I set a record for the most parenthesis in a paragraph here). ( ) <--- Just in case I needed one more set to break the record.

The funny thing about these colours is that although they are both in Maritime heritage collections - or something like that, Nantucket fog is in an American Collection, while Yarmouth Blue is a Canadian colour. Apparently you can't get chips from the American collection in Canada. They guy at the paint store explained to me that the US colours are copyrighted or some such thing, so he couldn't produce 'Nantucket Fog' in Canada. Then he pulled out a colour wheel, with an American flag sticker on it and said, but I can make the same colour and label it by its colour code as long as we don't call it Nantucket Fog. So this paint is NOT Nantucket Fog. It's Dark Blue, colour code AC-22, which can be mixed here. Some things are just silly.

In any case, since we chose Yarmoutn Blue, which IS a Canadian Heritage colour, we are legit, and the colour police won't be bursting into my room late at night to bust my sorry ass for painting the walls in bootlegged blue.

See you Monday. I'll be unplugged until then!

(Read about our unplugged weekend in Algonquin Park!)


  1. ha! I did suspect it was Nantucket Fog, but I didn't want to say that in case I was wrong ;). I await my top commenter prize eagerly :)

  2. Check your email - I have some vintage reproduction prints waiting to head your way!


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