Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I have been waffling for about a month now on colour for the bedroom.

This shade yellow & This shade blue... or maybe this yellow.... or do you think that this yellow makes the curtains look washed out??? Or should we go with the yellow, and change the curtains?

One blue wall, three yellow walls?? Two & two? how 'bout top half yellow, bottom half blue.... OR, top half blue, bottom half yellow?

When I left work yesterday, I still had no final decision. BUT, I had primed the room on the weekend, our bed was out, we're camping in the (unheated) basement with a baby monitor upstairs to hear the kids. I got home, tossed out all the paint chips I didn't like, choose two, didn't think about it, didn't look back.

Stopped to make supper.

Drove the carpool to Pathfinders with Hubby.

Got him to drop me off at Home Hardware on the way, drive the girls, and come back for me.

When he came back, I had two gallon cans of paint.

Got home around 7:30, drew my line about three feet up, and started painting the top half yellow.

I started with the top for two reasons:
  1. Yellow is lighter than blue, so if I paint too far down, the blue will cover it up
  2. Hubby will be doing the ceiling, but not until after I paint. if I do the top, then he can do the ceiling at any time.

Finished the yellow around 10:00 at night. looked at the already taped off, only three feet high, lower half that was going to be blue. It is probably about 1/3 of the space of the yellow.

Got a clean brush & tray.

finished the bottom at 11:30. cleaned up, and fell into bed at 11:45.

I must say, for someone who at 3:30 yesterday had no idea what they were going to do... I got a Heck of a lot done!!

It looks very "Caribbean" we think... I'll post pics in a few days.

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  1. wow!! you aare one fast lady!! I'll be watching for the pics.! Have fun! kwgma


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