Friday, 12 March 2010

PhotoStory Friday - Baking

The other night I made Brownies fo our dessert.... an event which Buddy enjoyed, for many different reasons!!
FIRST, he got to help stir.... THEN... he got to lick the scraper!!

Wow he licked that scraper right clean.... not a speck of chocolate left on it!

Look at that grin.....

I think he enjoyed this part even MORE than when he got to eat a Brownie!

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  1. kids and food always make for very fun pictures and cute stories to tell.

  2. Oh my goodness! What cute shots! You can tell he's having lots of fun!

  3. Mmmm...brownies! I have to agree with your little guy, baking them is half the fun! He has such a joyful grin!

  4. There is just something magical about licking the spoon (or in this case, scraper). That grin on his face says it all!!

  5. Oh.My.Word! Buddy is so cute. I love that he had a fun time helping! What a sweetie.

  6. Messy=tasty. That's the rule.

  7. Your post has put such a huge happy smile on my face. Yummy!

  8. After looking at those pictures there is no doubt that you had a REALLY GOOD licker!! Just another one of those wonderful things that little chilren can do to make us all smile too! kwgma


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