Friday, 8 May 2009

Work thus far... An update

I said I'd post pics, and I meant it. I've been busy lately, but the camera hasn't always been close at hand.

Last night with the cheery glow from the properly installed oil lamp all around me, I attached most of the teak to the boat, and looked around. Things have come along a fair ways.

First item seen to completion was the electrical. Sadly I don't have a pic of it, but there is a nice little switch next to the battery switch and now I can turn the charger off or on at will. And when I do, its really off, or its really on. No more of this reverse flow business. Next to the switch is a panel that shows how much juice is in the batteries, and allows me to plug in my solar panel quite painlessly.

Among the happiest successes is the Solar Vent installation. It is now running pretty close to right. Close enough for me anyway. It needs a little more charging of the battery, and I need to straighten out the fan so it isn't rattling so much, but here it is nonetheless...

First the view from inside the boat...

Then as it looks unassembled on the foredeck (Yes the caulking made a mess. Its a bit of a tradition when I work with the stuff...)

And finally, all assembled and ready to run... Lookit that, it hides my caulking mess!

The next success is visible in the background of the last pic. It was an unscheduled event, but the mast step wasn't very well attached to the boat. Emergency surgery included redrilling the holes, back filling with epoxy, and then setting the screws in the holes so the epoxy would harden onto them.

Once the epoxy hardened, I basically had holes tapped exactly to the screw size. A bunch more caulk (its actually 3m 4200, but I'm afraid folks won't know/care about that) and the mast step was very firmly held in place. Yay!!

Now that the electrical, vent and most of the woodwork are complete, I just have to get the motor back from the shop and we are set to go, well almost set. Still have to scrub down the hull, put on our registration numbers, and make the rigging changes, but that should all be able to be done in a couple of days. I must go hound the folks working on the engine now.


  1. Looks like the image links are broken, pics do not display using Chrome Browser.


  2. Thanks PCP - Blogger deleted many images from my early posts, I haven't been able to recover them.


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