Thursday, 14 May 2009


So yesterday morning, my little Buddy decided that five o'clock was a great wake up time.  I'm up guys!!  Hey, who's gonna come play with me!!  Daddy went to get him, and tried to snuggle him in with us, which normally works to put him back to sleep, and gives us until 7 or so.  nope.  no way, he wanted to watch the sun rise!

Then into the bathroom and while Mommy showered, he played the drums on the toilet seat, the side of the tub... anything that made a cool echoing noise really.

And then, after Mommy left for work, after eating his breakfast and drinking his milk.....Daddy put him in his room to play and went to have a shower.  And when he came back to dress the boy... The boy was sound asleep on the floor.

Crazy Baby

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