Friday, 15 May 2009

More Water?

I'm sure you all remember this year's spring flood and last year's spring flood. Well, we now also have the holy crap that's a ton of water flood. This one wasn't even during spring thaw, which made it all the more interesting.

I'll start by saying that we did not get water in the basement again, which was good. The sump pump was full, to the point that, you know when you fill a glass to the top with water, and it kind of has that concave look on top, like there's more water there than volume of the glass?? That's where the hole for the sump was at by the time I remembered that I should turn it on.

Funny thing was, it rained all night, and all morning, and we had barely a trickle of water coming out of the culvert. No water in the backyard, and the ditches and creek weren't any fuller than normal. at 11:30, I went out, and got back at 1:30. By the time I got home, the sun was shining, the main road was under a half foot of water at one point, and the water... my goodness, the water. In disbelief, I got out of the car with the buddy and looked at all.that.water. And then walked around the 1 1/4 acres to closely look at all that water. And then put the buddy in the playpen, and walked around the yard taking pictures of all that water. And then thought hmmm... I wonder if I need to turn on the sump? Priorities, y'know.

So here is what was pouring out of the culvert by the time that I got home:

And here is a close up of the other side of the culvert. Hubby fixed this side a few weeks ago so that there was a channel for the water to flow. Previously, water has sat in this area, and has not always made it to the culvert. There was a kind of dam all the way around the culvert before.

The current int he water coming out of the culvert. Thank goodness for wellies, and the water was almost going right over the top of them!

The water making a channel through the backyard. We hope to actually dig a channel for the future, so that the water might go where we want it to, rather than where it wants to go.

Standing beside the fire pit. No danger of fires spreading right now!

Right where the whitewater is in this picture is where the bridge is normally. The day before I was able to cross here, with the baby in my arms.

The creek, which is normally dry or close to dry:

The ditch along the roadway. It is about twice as wide as normal, and definitely deeper. Normally, LR jumps the ditch to get to the road.

Standing on the neighbours driveway:

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