Friday, 15 May 2009


I feel like an ATM. The ones at a Jay's game that doesn't take deposits, just withdrawals. The coming week will accentuate this. I guess this is the time of year when owning a boat means spending money, and I'm doing my best.

In the next week, we will have to transport the boat to the marina for launch. Its about $300 each way, but we've been flying low for the past little while. The hauler we use has us in his database at a reduced rate from what we should be. I hope he doesn't notice. If he does our rate will go up to $500. Thats a tough pill to swallow.

At the launch, they will spend less than half an hour to raise Iris off her cradle, drive 100 feet with her in the slings of a travel lift, and put her down in the water. For that service we will pay $280.

The outboard will be ready early in the week next week (yeah, right!) thats another $300 and change.

$300 to move the boat
$300 to launch her
$300 for the engine
$100 (plus) in taxes
$1000 total to get in the water.

You know what B.O.A.T. stands for right... Break Out Another Thousand.

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