Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Hoping, Hoping, Hoping...

I am hoping to get home at a decent hour tonight. Things look good for re-installing the teak grab rails and sliders tonight if I can get home early enough. If that goes well I may even get some other jobs done. Hopefully I will get some photos so this gets a little less "texty"

The other night as I was puttering about on the boat I noticed that the mast step wasn't secured properly, so I redrilled the mounting holes and epoxied the screws in. If the wood gets in place without too much hassle, I will try to finalize the installation of the mast plate, and then we can do a couple practice hoists with the mast and start looking at the rigging items on the to-do list.

IF the wood goes on OK, and the mast is able to be raised, we will be in good shape for launch, however this weekend will not be launch time. We will still need to apply bottom paint, polish the hull, and remove the oxidation from the decks. Besides, Mother's day is Sunday, and I have plans to be nice to SWMBO. On Saturday, I have to deliver some cradles for other sailors, and see if I can sneak to either Toronto harbor to do some sailing on Dave's boat, or to Pickering to tour Patty's boat. Either way, it will be a full weekend with not much time for boat prep.

In the super-big good news department, The Rigging Shoppe, a local chandlery has agreed to offer members of my sailing club a discount on purchases for spring projects... YAY, I love getting a deal!

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  1. Huston, we likely have a scheduling problem. I'm set to work the weekend in the middle of vacation, and I don't know if I can get the Monday off from the daycare as I am low man on the totem pole. Things are totally screwed now.
    If it turns out I can swing it, I will update you, but at this point, things look bleak. :(


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