Friday, 22 May 2009

Weekend Plans

The Sailing club is having the first 2 "Beercan" races of the season this weekend. These are pretty informal events. Of course I still have chores to do on the boat before she is right and proper, and Chuck is away this weekend.

Its tough to say whether or not we'll get in some sailing time. I'm supposed to be lending a hand with our Church yard sale on Saturday. My role to assist the youth in running a car wash. I know that there is only one youth who can make it to the sale. I hope there are as many cars to be washed.

I think that what is most likely is that I'll go to the sale, have the one youth there, and I'll spend the day washing cars while she sprays me with the hose. I might be able to convince SWMBO to come out for a sunset sail if she isn't exhausted after the church thing. We'll have to see what happens.

Maybe, late at night while everyone is asleep, I can sneak up to the marina and go out for a moonlight sail. The stars look AMAZING from the middle of the lake at night!

BTW - Jamie if you read this send a comment with your email in it, I need to get info to/from you about LSIS #1 in Lagoon City. I will try to reply on Monday.

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