Saturday, 20 November 2010

Why I am thanking God for the nesting instinct right now....

To Do before I get Too Huge to do it:

  1. Clean & empty 'Crafting Area' of Computer Room. Find new location for materials.
  2. Sell Drafting table from Computer Room that is no longer on Kijiji
  3. Clean 'Sewing Area' of Computer Room. Find new location for materials. 
  4. Sell sewing desk.
  5. Clean "Guiding" drawing in computer room.  Give away relevant materials to current Guiders.
  6. Empty closet in Computer Room. Find new locations for items in closet in Computer Room. Board games relocated, wrapping paper still looking for a home, Buddy's too big clothes relocated to Chuck's current room, his future room.
  7. Pitch tons of crap from Computer Room
  8. Burn tons of crap from Computer Room
  9. Get Hubby to hang remaining drywall in Computer room, new downstairs bath, new downstairs hall closet, 2nd closet in Computer room.  Really, I'd be happy with just the drywall inside the bedroom, as it's the highest priority (at least for me) right now.
  10. Mud drywall in new bedroom. Sand drywall in new bedroom. Mud drywall againSand drywall again.  Prime Drywall. Maybe even paint the drywall.
  11. Declare that the Computer room is no longer a computer room, and is now Master Bedroom.
  12. Move Bed into Master Bedroom
  13. Move Chuckles into former master bedroom.  Get new dresser, for either her or me.  Probably me, then we don't need to move my current one at all.
  14. Purchase new mattress for Chuckles.  Give Buddy old mattress. Move him out of toddler bed (as it is our crib as well).  Make crib look unappealing to him, so that the transition to the big boy bed is easier.
  15. Move Buddy into Chuckles current Bedroom
  16. Re-set up Buddy's room as nursery. Dig rocker out of basement.
  17. Make Sheets for Family Heirloom Cradle that are gender neutral. - Edited to add.... my aunt has volunteered to do this!  Or for the bassinet. Or, possibly get rid of bassinet, since I don't think we'll need both.
  18. Make Halo-Type swaddler sleepsacks for thing-three, since our house gets cold overnight. Or, possibly break down & purchase Halo Sleepsacks. But I already have the material. And if I make the sleep sack, that will help with task #3 above.  Alternatively, win a Halo sleep sack from one of the ten contests I entered last week.  And hope that the contest was indeed open to Canadians, 'cause many aren't....(didn't win, too bad....)
  19. Make Felt Lunch box for Buddy's Christmas present, since he liked Sweet Pea's, and thought it was for him. Maybe he'd like this for his birthday instead.....
  20. Make new cloths for Bum-cleanings, since I prefer cloth to disposable. This should not be hard, I have old flannel, it needs to be cut into squares & just stitched around to prevent fraying. On second thought….Edited... mom said she'd help with this one.
  21. Improve Chuck's sewing machine skills by having her work on a few 'samplers.' She can cut them into squares, and just stitch around to prevent fraying….. hmmmm……..
  22. Dig out receiving blankets & wash. Luckily, most other equipment has been washed & pulled out, as the kids new 2nd cousin will be visiting Ontario from New Brunswick for December, so will be borrowing some items.

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