Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Trip to Montreal - Part Two

we went for a little ride!!

And saw the rest of the old city!!

we were very lucky, in that, we had walked the east side of the old city.  And our ride took us on the west side.

So, we saw everything that we hadn't sen in our walking, and wouldn't have seen, because we were getting tired.

The kids thought the ride was great.

Buddy chilled out on Daddy's lap....

The caleches were all dressed up differently... ours had this little guy riding beside Chuck...

Some were painted wacky colours (Prospector said, "we are NOT going on the pink one!!)

The caleche behind us got a little close at one point... the horse' head came between mine & Chris'

And our driver was happy to have a few photos taken afterwards.

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