Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Trip to Montreal - Part Three

We went on the Caleche ride, and saw in about 30 minutes the same amount of history as we'd seen in the previous few hours:

(some fuzzy... the carriage was moving).

After the ride, we thought about sticking around the old city, because there was supposed to be a Jazz on the water show... but the bars were full, and we didn't really want to be walking back after dark.

So we started back up to the hotel (The hotel was beside beside McGill university).

We got to the top of he hill, and then remembered, we had been planning on taking the metro back... oops.

Instead, we stopped halfway & got pizza, and had a break.

Next morning, we went and strolled around McGill for a bit, then got the car, and went out to pick up the puppy.

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