Monday, 8 November 2010

Trip to Algonquin - Part Five

After our success with taking Bud on the 2 km hikes.... we decided to bite the bullet and do a 3.5 km hike.

We checked with the Park staff, who said that the Hemlock Bluff Trail wasn't too challenging. I mentioned to them that we had done the Beaver Ponds Trail, and had found that with all of the climbing it was near our limit, and they said by comparison, we should be fine.

They were wrong.

There is only one photo on this hike... because I was too busy carrying the boy.

This one was definitely too long for him right now.... but give him a year, and I'm sure it will be fine.

He got to the point where he'd get in front of me, and block me with his hands up to be carried. As long as I was able to keep ahead of him, he would mostly try to keep up. But there were a few times when nope, not coming. "Buddy, hurry up or you'll have to stay here....." he was fine with that!!

Once we finished, we went and all had a long, long snooze!!

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