Thursday, 7 May 2009


I am getting the distinct impression that my boy likes this toy.

The smiles... I just don't think that they are fake....

Oh boy. I think that we may have a little daredevil on our hands!!

While I was talking to my brother on the phone the other day, I heard one of the songs from this toy... and looked over, to see that the boy was attempting to climb INTO the playpen, using the seat of the car as his 'ladder.' Mid sentence, all of a under my poor brother on the other end of the phone hears "Oh Geeze!" and the phone clatter to the floor. He wasn't hurt, but he was definitely stuck.... doing a chin up on the side of the playpen with the car about to roll out from underneath himself!

The funny thing is, he really isn't very happy when I have to put him in baby jail. The playpen is a constant fixture in our living room, so that if I have to go to the bathroom, or leave the room, I can put the boy somewhere safe, despite his protests that he is perfectly fine on the floor mom and I promise I will not do anything bad!! REALLY!!

Unfortunately, I was too busy rescuing the boy to take a picture. It would have gong along nicely with the one of LR bonking her head off of the top of the window in the school bus, and falling off of the log while camping. Some mothers comfort their children when they hurt themselves. Me, I take pictures.

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  1. That was a huge favourite in our house too. I am glad he enjoys it.


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