Saturday, 28 August 2010

Just imagine....

That right here, is a pretty picture of a hen climbing the chicken roof, to the top of the fence:

Now, in this next picture, she is climbing along the edge of the fence:

Next, we have a picture of mama trying to use a field hockey stick to convince the hen that she needs to go back INSIDE the enclosure:

Said hen freaks out, and flys down, OUTSIDE the enclosure.

Meanwhile, while al this is happening, Mama is muttering under her breath "Sh1t it would have to be a hen, wouldn't it."

Eventually, after running around after the en like a crazy woman for a few moments, mama catches said hen, who is actually happy to be caught at this point, and returned to her friends.

I think the chickens heard us discussing freezer boot camp, and were re-enacting "chicken run" in the backyard.  Unfortunatly, I was too busy chasing the hen to take a picture!!  Too bad the hen didn't realize that by virtue of her being a her, she would be spared boot camp!!

(We bought ten straight run Chanty's... meaning unsexed, expecting about five boys & five girls.  We got seven boys & three girls.  The poor girls are starting to walk funny, and the boys are freaking them right out, which is why she was trying to get away.... the poor thing needed some peace!!)

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