Monday, 30 August 2010


5 Motherease newborn to potty training diapers: $17.50 (retails for about $13 each)

5 Kushies 10lb to 22lb diapers, new in package: $20 (package retails for $50)

1 Kushies “butterfly” style diaper cover: $3.99

5 Gerber Nylon pull-on pants: $2.50 (haven’t seen these retail, so not even sure if they’re sold anymore)

1 Kushies Training pant, lined & with nylon: $2.50 (retails for about $11)

Buddy is actively toilet training. Last Thursday while dressing him, he told me “no more diapers.” So on Friday night, we switched to underpants. The daycare said to send him with a stack of underwear, & a stack of clean pants, and they will take it from there during the day. The Teacher also said she’s helped train almost every child in his class. So she has a bit of experience. And really, with that resource available to me…. Why wouldn’t I take advantage of it? I asked her if I needed pull ups (was really NOT looking forward to needing to buy those), and she said, if he’s asked for no diaper, she wouldn’t… they’re too similar.

So we are using the lined Kushies training pant for car rides, and regular underwear otherwise. The Gerber pull-on pants (they’re similar to the old ‘plastic pants’ that used to go on cloth diapers), are backups, also only used in the car etc.

We’re still diapering him at nap time & overnight, so I may try to find some more of the Kushies pants for that, just so we can be DONE with diapers (don’t really want to keep going back & forth with them, I’d rather switch & be done!).

Hi finally peed IN the toilet last night... while Mommy & Daddy were on a date, & Chuck was bb sitting.  She was waiting for us on the front porch when we got home to share the news!!  Apparently, we need to go out more often, and leave her with him!

He is in the preschool class at the new daycare... with 24 kids in the class, the majority of which are toilet trained.  I'm hopeing that the daycare will have more luck than I have, if only due to the peer pressure of everyone else peein gin the toilet!!

As for Thing Three…. We will for sure be cloth diapering. I still need to find diaper covers (I’ve found that Bummis whisper wraps are highly recommended, regardless of what liner is used). I can get a starter kit of Bummis, with 24 prefolds & 6 covers + a few extra items for $150, which is about three months worth of disposables. But I am going to wait to see what else I can find used first. Especially since I’ve also read that, since all babies are shaped differently, sometimes, the diaper that works great for one baby may not work for another, so it’s a good idea to try different brands to see what will work best, and then purchase enough of that brand & re-sellt he rest on Craigslist etc.

So far, I only have the one ‘butterfly’ cover, so that is that is what I am looking out for most. Also, I’m watching for a few All-In-Ones, mostly for babysitters, Chuck, traveling, etc.  But with 10 diapers sized for a newborn, we are off toa good start.


  1. Look into the spray nozzle that attaches to the water supply line for the toilet. The folks at work swear by it, because you can hold the diaper partially in the toilet, and spray all of the poop into the toilet, which makes so much less mess of the sides of the toilet than swishing.

  2. Yup, I am for sure looking into that. Finding out about that little gizmo was what tipped the scales in favour of cloth.

  3. The Bummis starter kit ROCKS! It's a great idea to try out a bunch of different things but the unique thing about prefolds is how adaptable they are. Because there are so many different way to fold them, it's easier to get a better fit no matter what shape or size your baby is. Plus, since the Bummis diapers are made of 100% organic cotton, they're less likely to have the residue issues that can cause leaking than diapers made of synthtic fabrics.

    Good luck! You're addiction to cloth is only just beginning...


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