Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A Quick Update...

I haven't been as fastidious about updating the goings on of sailing this season, but let me say things have been going well thus far.

I have been lucky to have good crew in Judy, and with her help in races 1-4 of the LSIS series, I have managed to hold on to first place in the White sail High division this far. So far on the season Iris has taken 1 yellow flag and 3 blue flags. But I am as nervous as a sheep with a lonely farmer.

Here is the thing, Newfie Screach hasn't been in winning form thus far in the season. He missed race one and two altogether because of work, then had his motor mount break on the way to race 3. He managed to make it to race 4 with a cutting board for a motor mount, and now is determined to sweep the season in order to maintain his place as the winningest boat on the lake.

I Am Canadian is also trying to broadside me with whatever he can. Canadian has two yellow flags to my 1, and just like last year, I find myself having to beat him in order to stay alive. How familiar does this sound - it doesn't matter how I place as long as I place ahead of Newfie and Canadian. Man, its like a replay of last season.

Now lets add to the stress. A couple new boats are looking at joining the LSIS series late in the season, and I can't be sure whether they are joining as spinnaker boats, or in my class. There are at least 2 that I worry about. And all this is keeping me up at night. All night. Ok well, it will keep me up all night on Saturday.

This Saturday is the Harris Steele Overnight race. The longest race of the season, and I don't have enough crew as of right now. I meant to ask around on the weekend, but the opportunity never presented itself. Harrumph. I thought I had a kick-butt crew pulled together for the race, but then the secondary skipper I had got called away for work, and my sure bet fourth didn't work out. I may end up going solo.

I hope there is a tonne of wind. Solo in light air would mean a very long race, and I can't be sure how I would fare. Whatever the conditions are, I need to finish ahead of Newfie and Canadian and whoever else thinks they are going to beat me. Dammit, I need more yellow flags.

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